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Upgrading a 2017 Polaris Slingshot SL with a Slingshade roof

SSB’s Slingshot Bolt-On Series adds a Slingshade roof to our 2017 Polaris Slingshot SL

For part seven of our 2017 Polaris Slingshot project we added a white painted front grille and media bezel, plus a center hood decal kit. Now that we are done with the minor stuff, it’s time to go big with our final modifications.

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The Slingshot looks like nothing else on the road on its own and is far from your mother’s minivan. Just when you thought you couldn’t make it appear any different, look no further than adding a heavily styled red roof over the three-wheel whip.

Mirror relocation brackets

Mirror relocation brackets look as if they were meant to be on the Slingshot instead of a bad afterthought.

John Zamora

The Slingshade is an additional accessory from Polaris that you can easily bolt on to your Slingshot for added protection from the sun when cruising down the boulevard.

After spending past few weeks with our Slingshot as a daily commuter, we added the new-for-2017 Slingshade. Overall, it does a decent job of blocking out the sun on those cloud-free Southern California winter days.

rear portion of the Slingshade

The rear portion of the Slingshade has a lot of style that incorporates the edgy bodywork.

John Zamora

The one major drawback from making this a true enclosure comes to light (get it?) with the position of the sun in the horizon. From sunrise to the later morning, if the sun is positioned on the driver or passenger side, the Slingshade doesn’t do much to keep the rays off. Going into the afternoon when the sun is at its highest is when I noticed that there was more than ample shade in the cockpit. Also, When the sun moved behind the slingshot, the Slingshade did an excellent job of keeping the beams off the back of your head. But when driving into a setting sun, we felt a drop-down visor would have been useful since you are left moving your head in and away in order to block out the light or end up using your hand. Altogether I say the Slingshade keeps you cool about 65 to 70 percent of the time.

bolt covers

It’s the little details like these bolt covers that make the steep price worth it over less expensive aftermarket roofs.

John Zamora

The roof of the Slingshade sits a little low. Thankfully, there are latched doors that swing upward and make it much more convenient when getting in and out of the cockpit. Do be mindful when reaching around to grab the seat belt or putting something into the glovebox because the hinge sometimes will tap your helmet, possibly leaving some small clear-coat scratches.

Having the Slingshade does have some other benefits other than style and shade. It also provides a bit of privacy. With the roof and the height of the Slingshot as low as it is, it can assist in blocking out people’s field of view when on the road, especially when they’re in taller vehicles. Along with privacy, wind protection is slightly increased. Perhaps as the air hits the windshield some of the air flows over the roof versus coming back inside the Slingshot.

The Slingshade

The Slingshade provides a whole new look to the Slingshot.

John Zamora

The Slingshade retails for $2,799 in Sunset Red (shown) but can be as low as $2,499 for gloss black and up to $2,999 for Orange Madness or Electric Blue.

Top view of the Slingshade

Top view of the Slingshade with tinted roof inserts.

John Zamora

The build quality is outstanding and follows suit with everything we’ve installed from Polaris. You can tell the engineers at Polaris really did put a lot of thought into making this accessory fit seamlessly. We’ve seen other aftermarket roofs and they look more like an afterthought. A lot of people who stop and ask, “What kind of car is that?” never once thought that the Slingshade was an add-on accessory and not part of the original design. That alone can account for the steep price to entry.

Buyer’s Box:

Slingshade Sunset Red

Rear view of the Slingshade

Rear view of the Slingshade flows with the edgy bodywork.

John Zamora

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